Features of yellow laser pointer

Yellow laser pointer is a kind of laser pointer. Because it emits yellow light, it is called yellow laser pointer, and some are called yellow laser pointer. It is relative to the green laser pointer, but regardless of performance or use It is not as good as the green laser pointer, and the market retail price is much lower. It is suitable for middle and low-end consumers and can also achieve the functional effect of a laser pointer. Features: Quantum well LD as light source, CW and MOD working modes, FC, SC, ST common interface, long detection distance, stable power output, output of red laser visible to the human eye. Strong penetrating power, light transmission at fault points The PVC layer is still clearly visible after 3mm, nano-technology multiple electrostatic protection, sturdy and durable shell, pen-shaped design, easy to carry and use.

Function application: The yellow laser pointer can completely liberate the user from the computer. The user does not have to stay next to the computer. When the user is in the e-learning, presentation and report speech, when the key content needs remarks, only With a light press of your hand, the red laser dot can be mapped on the screen of the document content that needs to be emphasized; there is no need to “point fingers” with the audience every time the key content is explained or walk to the projection screen to “close contact” with them At the same time, the user can turn the electronic manuscript to the page where the user wants to give a lecture by gently pointing the relevant function button; At the back of the conference room, interact with the lecturers on the spot, just press the wireless page turning laser pointer up and down keys, the desired picture will automatically appear on the screen; no longer need to sit in front of the podium for permanent operation The computer also saves the pain of going back to the podium to change the page. It truly reflects the wireless click and obtains unlimited excitement!

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