Why does seo ranking optimization need to choose a time to submit content

Website inclusion has always been a very important item in seo ranking optimization. For example, in the process of doing seo, we spend a lot of time discussing the various possibilities of SEO external chain construction, of which, to a large extent, Resolving issues related to website inclusion. So why does seo ranking optimization have to choose an appropriate time point when it is updated?

For example: ① Put the new URL in a high-powered forum to attract spiders. ②Send news advertisment links to make URLs quickly crawled.

A lot of time, SEO personnel, constantly emphasize, return to the essence of search, and pay more attention to the content of the ability to solve the user’s search needs, this is not a problem, but sometimes we can reasonably use the characteristics of search engines to quickly promote SEO Items, such as: the relevant time when the content of the website is updated.

  1. Priority index We are very clear that although an ID has been online for a long time, its main purpose is to solve the problem of website inclusion, but it does not mean that the URL you submit will be included. It occasionally causes some problems, such as: ① The submitted content is of low quality and does not meet the search requirements, so it is temporarily not included. ② Due to technical reasons, the submission page cannot be crawled normally and cannot be included. ③The submitted URL will be redirected and there is no way to include it. In order to avoid the risks caused by the above uncertain factors, we still recommend that everyone pay attention to the role of Baidu crawlers, which requires us to carefully analyze the website logs. Review the visit time of Baidu crawler, and choose to update the page content at the time node it frequently visits. Of course, it is better to be relatively early.
  1. Seize the ranking We know that any prerequisite for getting traffic is that the website gets rankings. Only when we update at the right time can we quickly include them and seize the opportunity to get traffic, such as: ① When social hot spots appear, I must choose to quickly update my website content when the first wave of heat has not dissipated. Due to the characteristics of instant news, search engines will quickly give an expected ranking. If your content is relatively high-quality, you will surely get a good network spread. ②Keyword rankings are stable. We know that search engines not only consider the technical indicators of the page content, but also an important factor, which is to obtain the user experience indicators of the page, such as: click-through rate. For keywords with relatively weak competition, if you can prioritize index rankings, then based on the actual click-through rate and the bounce rate of page views on the site, it intuitively affects the stability of website ranking.
  1. Work plan We know that the update frequency of each website is not fixed, it is determined by the actual needs of the daily work of the enterprise, but if you observe SEO for a long time, you will find that: If you are at a certain fixed time in the day Node to update the content of the website. Then, Baidu Spider will habitually crawl your website in these fixed time periods. It helps: ① Make a reasonable work plan for the entire site, such as publishing the content of the article regularly, and the website editor must write the article before the time node. ②Improve the average daily Baidu inclusion volume, thereby obtaining higher weight delivery and traffic support for the target landing page, thereby increasing the conversion rate of the product. ③Evaluate the return on investment of SEO projects, test the total number of websites included in a certain period of content, the amount of traffic obtained, and whether to provide a little help for product conversion.

Choosing to update the website content at the right time still has many benefits, such as avoiding excessive negative SEO, etc., so I won’t repeat them one by one. More keyword ranking optimization, website optimization, seo outsourcing, seo homepage optimization, seo promotion optimization , Keyword optimization quotation, optimization ranking, seo ranking optimization, seo technology, website optimization company and other related issues can contact our company.

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