Some tips for SEO website ranking optimization

There are many factors that affect Baidu’s SEO natural ranking algorithm. A series of factors such as click-through rate, visit depth, and keyword layout will affect Baidu’s SEO natural ranking. So what are the ways to optimize the ranking? The following editor of Super Ranking System will introduce some techniques for optimizing SEO ranking.

  1. First of all, we must be clear about what keywords are there

Under normal circumstances, you need to check the PC index of keywords. Generally speaking, the higher the PC index, the more difficult it is to optimize. Therefore, you must first clear some keywords you want to brush, and then directly Baidu, and then enter the official website URL that needs to be optimized in it, and then you can check a series of required information, of course, also include the relevant index of some keywords in the website. , And then prepare and adjust the optimization plan based on the keyword index.

  1. Calculate the average daily traffic corresponding to each keyword index

For example, if your keyword index is 100, if the corresponding demand traffic is 10% to 20%, then the calculated daily average traffic is 10 to 20 IPs.

  1. Find more people to help you improve your ranking

To put it bluntly, this method is similar to the implementation of a website. When the implementation of the website reaches a certain level, people from different IPs from all over the country will find your keywords and enter the website, so that the number of visits to the website will be greatly improved. The ranking will also increase due to the increase in the number of visits.

Fourth, improve the depth of visit and stay time

Some people may think that more visits can lead to better SEO rankings, but in fact this is not a gesture. Generally speaking, the deeper the visit depth and level, the better. That is to say, the reading time of each webpage should not be less than five minutes, and you can perform in-depth webpage reading when the webpage is read, that is to say, you can click Enter some links inside the webpage, so that you can greatly improve the page ranking. Therefore, when planning the content of a webpage, there must be uniqueness. First, keywords can attract people and have a dominant effect on people. Secondly, the setting and layout of the webpage must have certain novelties, so that it can be used. People don’t have the hobby to read on.

Five, choose the optimization form that is easy first and then difficult

In the process of keyword SEO ranking optimization, it is best to start with keywords with relatively low indexes. Because the optimization with low indexes is relatively simple, it will save time. For keywords with high indexes, if the traffic is not stable, in fact Brush up soon, and he will fall down soon. Therefore, for the sake of safety, it is best to start with keywords with low indexes to optimize.

Six, punctual update content

It is said that the most attractive place to go to a website should be her content, so I insist on adding a few links every day, or updating the original content. Of course, the basics of keywords mean that they must be done well, so Although traffic is more important, you must insist on the originality and quality of the content, so that you can attract more readers and then add traffic.

Of course, in addition to the SEO ranking optimization techniques introduced by the editor of the Super Ranking System, there is also one of the biggest techniques, which is to stick to it. Many people think this is a relatively cumbersome homework. They may lose their hobbies after a few days, and even feel that the results are relatively slow, so they gradually retreat. However, everything requires a step-by-step process, and if you insist on doing it, it will definitely have a good effect.

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