seo website optimization effect = high ranking?

In seo website optimization, having a good ranking is a good way to detect the effect of seo website optimization, so many companies will use the method of quickly improving the ranking, in fact, the informal method is only better for the website effect for a while, but in the long run Instead, it has an impact on the website.

To do network optimization is to do rankings. This is actually not a completely correct view in different situations. If you are only responsible for rankings, it is okay, but when doing corporate network optimization, you cannot do network optimization with this view.

1. Industry keyword SEO ranking

Some companies believe that as long as their industry keywords are on the homepage, they are to obtain the optimal solution for traffic through network optimization. In fact, the purpose of a company’s website is not completely ranking, and conversion is the real purpose. Therefore, to become an enterprise website, the industry Key words are of course important, but not all of them. Industry keywords are usually more competitive, and search traffic is not always demanded for conversion. Therefore, it is a flashy way for companies to focus on industry word rankings.

2. Brand word ranking

In SEO optimization, it is also flashy to focus only on brand words. Some companies think that the purpose of their website is to obtain traffic and brand promotion, while brand words are brand promotion. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. The brand words of general companies There is no difficulty in ranking, and there is no traffic to brand words. To do a good job in brand promotion, you should establish a brand image through the website's many keyword rankings, which is the real brand promotion.

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