The use of tags in SEO website optimization

In-site optimization of website optimization is a very important link. When the number of pages on a website reaches a certain level, it is particularly difficult to insist on flattening the website. Due to the limitation of on-site resources, especially for personal webmasters, Try all kinds of ways to increase the number of recommendations for each page in the on-site system, that is, on-site page voting is used to increase the weight of the target page and increase the index rate, but it will often cause bloated pages, reduced quality, and affect the user’s reading experience. The same is not recognized by search engines. At this time, he began to have the concept of index tags. He can aggregate a large number of detailed pages together through relevance, maximize the flattening of the website structure, and organize and publish the super ranking system.

As a secondary classification of the website, articles with the same needs can be classified under one label, which plays a navigational role and guides users to read the content of the website. It is suitable for websites with small content, such as personal blogs, Corporate website, etc.,

Second, guide users to read, because the content of the website is very large, it is not easy for users to find the content they want to watch. It is necessary to optimize the tags while optimizing the navigation entry. Each article adds corresponding tags to guide users to read related content. This experience is very good; at the same time, it can attract spiders to grab the content of the internal tags and optimize the ranking of tag words.

  1. 1. The tag word matches the title of the article, or is related to the topic;
  2. It is a phrase or phrase (complete and simple semantics);
  3. It has the function of classifying articles and guiding reading;
  4. Refer to related search terms (to avoid tag islanding);
  5. Be topical (a lot of people discuss it);
  6. In addition to the relationship between parent tags and child tags, try to avoid mutual inclusion between tags.

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