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The EMC electromagnetic compatibility laboratory of Guangzhou I-Test Laboratory has a 3m standard half-wave and full-wave anechoic chamber built by ETS, an 843 shielded room that meets the requirements of the standard, a complete set of imported Agilent spectrum analyzers and RS receivers Such as EMI detection equipment, anti-jamming equipment also uses the United States Thermo comprehensive tester, etc. The instruments and equipment used in the laboratory are the same as those used by major certification bodies (for example: SGS, ITS, TUV), which greatly guarantees the accuracy and consistency of the tests in the ITL EMC laboratory.emc测试

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The EMC testing capabilities we can provide have but are not limited to the following standards:

GB 4824 (idt CISPR11) Limits and measurement methods of electromagnetic disturbance characteristics of industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) radio frequency equipment;
GB 17625.1 (idt IEC61000-3-2) Harmonic current emission limit test;
GB 17625.2 (idt IEC61000-3-3) voltage fluctuation and flicker limit test;
GB 9254 (idt CISPR 22) Information technology equipment-Radio disturbance characteristics-Limits and measurement methods
GB17743 (idt CISPR 15) Limits and measurement methods of radio disturbance characteristics of electrical lighting and similar equipment
GB 4343.1 (idt CISPR 14-1) Electromagnetic compatibility-Requirements for household appliances, electric tools and similar appliances-Part 1: Emission of EN62493 human body induced current density test

GB 17626.2 (idt IEC61000-4-2) Electrostatic discharge (ESD) immunity test;
GB 17626.3 (idt IEC61000-4-3) radiated (radio frequency) electromagnetic field immunity test;
GB 17626.4 (idt IEC61000-4-4) electrical fast transient/pulse group immunity test;
GB 17626.5 (idt IEC61000-4-5) surge (impact) immunity test;
GB 17626.6 (idt IEC61000-4-6) Test of immunity to conducted disturbance induced by radio frequency field;
GB 17626.8 (idt IEC61000-4-8) power frequency magnetic field immunity test;
GB 17626.11 (idt IEC61000-4-11) Voltage sag, short-term interruption and voltage change immunity test.

We can provide customers with advantages:

  1. Provide professional and accurate EMC laboratory resources. We understand your products, your industry and the standards that your products must meet. .
  2. Provide EMC rectification analysis of unqualified products. We have many years of professional EMC rectification experience.
  3. Provide high-efficiency test response and quickly respond to customers’ various EMC test requirements.
  4. Provide customer lounge.
  5. Provide customers with free working meals.

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