How to optimize the SEO ranking of real estate industry websites?

With the continuous development and changes of the economy, the real estate industry related to the lives of Chinese people has undergone tremendous changes in recent years. For example, the leader Wanda has also adjusted its industrial structure. Therefore, in the current Internet age, the real estate industry must do a good job in marketing, and it is inseparable from online promotion.

  1. Do a good job in updating the content of the website.

The website should solve the customer’s problem and meet the customer’s needs. Therefore, for the real estate industry, it is necessary from the user’s point of view to find ways to continuously improve the quality of website content and maintain website content. In addition, because the needs of customers are changing, the content of our well-made website should be constantly updated, with at least one or two articles every day. In addition, because search engines are like spiders, they will look for the information they need on your website every day, so they should also keep updating the website.

  1. Monitoring and adjustment of website data.

In order to optimize website ranking, professional SEOER must monitor website data daily and adjust it in real time. Because Baidu search engine is volatile, it will also affect our website ranking according to its ranking algorithm. At the same time, we must pay attention to the rankings and data of peer websites and provide some guidance and direction for us to optimize our own websites. Therefore, it is very important to do a good job of daily real-time monitoring. If we find that our website has been downgraded by Baidu, or the data is abnormal, we need to make adjustments and optimizations in time.

  1. A large number of external links increase the weight of the website.

Pay attention to the optimization of website content, and at the same time, also need to carry out external chain work. External chain publishing refers to publishing information to this website on other website platforms. These Baidu trusted websites vote for our website. If the quality of our external links is higher, our investment will be higher, the number and quality of tickets will be higher, and the ranking of the website will be better.

Therefore, we need to register the account of the new member platform on each B2B platform, and continue to publish external links every day. At the same time, we also want to make friend links, looking for high-quality websites, and give us the weight to elevate the website forever.

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