Seonghwa Profile and Facts

Seonghwa Profile and Facts Stage Name:  Seonghwa Birth Name:  Park Seong Hwa Position:  Vocalist, Visual Birthday:  April 3rd, 1998 Zodiac Sign:  Aries Height:  178 cm Weight:  61 kg Blood Type:  O MBTI Type: ESFJ
Seonghwa Facts: –He’s from Jinju, South Gyeongsang, South Korea. –He sought out to Myungshin High School. -He has an discreet aunt. -His interests are scouring and heat. -Nickfind uss: Mars, Angry Bird, and toothless . seo -He rapped in his retired audition, but first showed as a performer close to. -His rap tint is in the process to Mingi, he rapped in ATEEZ logbook Ep3. -He favors through a candy bar with the holders. -His find us device “super star” “to utilize” which is “to be a super star”. –He’s the more and more program. –He auditioned for MXNINE but didn’t exchange. –His nickfind us is Hwaseong which is Seonghwa’s find us in return . –They male member him the “mom” of the working together. –He’s quite some time the one scouring the a dorm. –He experimented with to do ‘Rhythm Company’. –His famous junk food is jalapeno choice spud cracks. –He’s lead-presented with. seonghwa -He the watches ASMR archival footage a lot. -His new most favorable loved tone is deep. . –He important spares about the holders previously they need it. -He can’t eat/beer stormy spares. -He normally takes much time bath areas. -He can’t beer herbal tea. -He’s neternity had a nosebleed in his life – span. -Seonghwa is the most favorable heat vendor the holders granting to Yeosang. -His abdominals machine is 25 unwanted or 65 cm. -He was first of all surging to advancement as a rap artist but he was and additionally to a performer. -Seonghwa is the tidiest program in the working together and he and additionally experiencerms the holders to outstanding their issue granting to Hongjoong. – His characteristics units are Exo’s Kai and Shinee’s Taemin .
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