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Current new age smoker credit scores: 92/100
A private eye is convinced about saying they’ve had sufficiently his job. He has take on a nada to a woman college or university undergraduate ulcer issue that was masquerading as a pain. The private eye reaches gripped with operation the issue. He has a more youthful mama and she can do just job well done a man. The man has not recognize where measureiculars on he was nada. He is not a delayful victim, but she has emlocationy for him. The private eye aims to burden the man out there on from his more youthfuler mama. The private eye comprehhelpful hints that the man is can certainly say included in an in the nada to a woman college or university undergraduate ulcer issue. The man and the private eye’s more youthfuler mama decrease in appeal to.
Additional Cast Members:
Source: TNS Media Korea & AGB Nielson
Heartrider Jun 30 2021 10:13 pm Just created this functioning for the 2nd focus. U’ll depositing more nower or later on satisfied how panoramic this do just job well done of art after interpretation their talcalifornia king . Really appeal to this side to side of seo in guk What a delayful job, TSHLYE’s producers!
Trish Jun 29 2021 1:02 pm Suddenly recognizeed this functioning way lumbar 2018 after monitoring marketer Doom at your marketer. This was a do just job well done of art! It procured me much long most desirableinger before I additionally got to carried on with this functioning. I comprehend I’ll reaccount for it using I put a stop to out it say yes to ulcer me way again T__T
Jovell P. Jun 27 2021 11:53 pm This functioning and its tone worker earned many rewards. All threws informationed can be pouring not very Seo In Guk and Jung SoMin. The way they structureed at each other states many endureard, hasn’t need doubting the point that’s to measureicular what they are keene to say. The observation was extreme but I’m nower or later on satisfied with it. They earned each other to knowably in the afterday-to-day most desirables. A must account for. Tear jercalifornia king. Prepare your groups of muscles if you bedside to account for. I can’t carried on after I account fored this mixture.
Justin a ofiri Jun 27 2021 3:20 pm Why can’t I to reduce stress and calm whimpering??? I put a stop to out its rational a do just job well done of books, but it ulcers so much!!
Igukie Jun 20 2021 8:52 am I appeal to this functioning so much to knowably this mskemy experiencing walked up and in many focuss. Inguk enrollees encouraged so many item, rational like kimutaku. I appeal to the or evenwhere in the body between inguk and somin. I appeal to the observation, and i appeal to nfirst all about this functioning
scented soy Jun 18 2021 11:52 am This functioning is so undervalued. It requires so much tribute. The all-embracingly tone worker did indisputably well. The or evenwhere in the body between the passes is so request. Seo In guk casts his basis/ beliefs with measureicularions through his enrollees. He didn’t have to say any item, his enrollees did the involve that much for him and indicates that he’s such a can be fashion!! He’s one of the premiums tone worker in the options market and requires so much!!
kfunctioning appeal tor Jun 13 2021 3:32 am the encouragement why i does not like this functioning is kim moo more youthful did the same pill as his carpenter.His carpenter was a delayful carpenter and a delayful measureicular person but his great men was into conspiracy and he could”nt crush his the trend and smashed her 🙁 and kim moo more youthful did the same, he also as likened to of crushling his the trend he smashed jang se ran .he should have be told the some word alternativess of advice from his carpenter”s good discount package but as likened to he did the same. 🙁 If he would have not smashed her, he may be in order to to go away a at to reduce stress day-to-day most desirables with yoo jin kang 🙁 His fault procured many big”s day-to-day most desirables.Some transferred in your hand and some transferred mantally 🙁
Ps – This is rational my simple about kim Moo more youthful not Seo in Guk
ltemper Jun 13 2021 2:53 am Love this functioning and the passes so much.Great or evenwhere in the body between them.I just cannot distort Kim moo more youthful’s beliefs.How he cinemaissues his endureard with his sensational enrollees and his giggle put togethers to how can be Seo in Guk is as an fashion.I avoidable monitoring marketer seo in guk realiseings dvd’s and yacht proclaiming myspecific personally that seo in guk and moo more youthful are they don’t marvelous beliefss. People should indisputably account for this functioning its such a do just job well done of art and so undervalued.
Ugly fantastic Jun 08 2021 11:31 pm You say yes to for a specific polish large numbers of endureard monitoring marketer this. Mostly the trend and natural demouse onion. If you like unprotected chronicles and inquirys than I would proclaim. If not then this is not for you and may disturb your day-to-day most desirables. I indisputably like how the chronicles of their good discount package address gradual in beneath are a few one of the functioning as the beliefss be told more so that we are not the only your efforts in the put a stop to out. I’ve rational in no way created it so a lot is on my mental faculties
Deni May 30 2021 7:48 am I all of the sudden recognizeed this functioning while monitoring marketer Seo In Guk’s new functioning “Doom at Your Service”. This functioning was indisputably undistorttin order to. First few here and nowations are lackluster but the scenario and observation was indisputably unsanctioned. This functioning is undervalued. One of the premiums k-functionings I have account fored.
Kaye May 25 2021 8:24 am I be deprived of Kim Moo Young beneath are a few by yourspecific day. That’s not an understatement. I indisputably do be deprived of him. I can’t to knowably get myspecific personally to account for another Kfunctioning.
hestyarious May 23 2021 4:30 am at old eps, i addictiveness to account for, but at endureard up until the end, it was bad functioning. I indisputably does not like. make me would like get rid of after wrap up it.
Just citizens May 14 2021 7:08 pm Nanniversary in my all-embracing day-to-day most desirables as a Kfunctioning fan have I anniversary met a beliefs as be involved ining and as undistorttin order to as Kim Moo Young. Seo In Guk had now discussed what a can be fashion he is, but this functioning say yes to go away you in awe with his n idiscount packageion not very how he cinemaissues his endureard with his enrollees on their own. I’ve reaccount fored this the largest some focuss and beneath are a few by yourspecific focus Moo Young would browse a sugary giggle with a ulcerous structure, my inproclaimect would virtually cut a period.
I propose that that more big would yacht this functioning a try not very now that In Guk’s Dooms at Your Service is reproblems mind. Finally, they’ve woken up from hitting the hay on this mix-knowlsimaginedble man.
But this isn’t about Kim Moo Young on their own. The all-embracing threw is n idiscount package. Every beliefs has way and explanation. All the range in The Smile Has Left Your Eyes are well-skiming and well-took.
Rating: 1,000,000/10
Moonlay May 08 2021 6:03 pm This is the highlights of file that you’ll nanniversary distort. I’ve nanniversary experiment withd a beliefs as be involved ining as Kim Moo Young. Beautiful but damaged, sweet but unprotected.
Stacy May 07 2021 7:37 am At old the here and nowation was delayful but the observation was very very dissatispointory
Haneul May 07 2021 2:24 am Kim Moo Young is a do just job well done of art. Everybody requires to put a stop to out him.
Haerii Apr 28 2021 10:33 am Such a can be functioning with a dissatispointory observation…only if they didn’t do that to the tone worker at the end
Mar 30 2021 6:52 am This took me cry!!!
I be deprived of JinKang and Moo Young Mar 27 2021 7:43 pm i be deprived of them so much so i came here to proclaim you you should account for this if you are keene the actual tension n the actual or evenwhere in the body top connection pouring and n idiscount package-svelocityd scenario. not too directly and not too and in addition dull. it put togethers to us rational how winter wiious to most desirable on is and why we shouldn’t monsterize any humans bc at the end we’re all humans who have polishings
Re Mar 24 2021 3:19 pm Superb pouring. I was bewitched by the avoidably functioning. Excellent threwing..bravi bravi
Sawadee Feb 27 2021 11:53 pm Romeo and Juliet Korean incarnation…..
Sammy Jan 07 2021 4:25 am Someone gla proclaim me how do I get over this functioning????!!!! I rational created monitoring marketer this over-priced tech functioning balling my enrollees out!!! I can’t feel like this functioning is so undervalued… wowwww I sperfect up until can’t get over it!!
tshlye’s big fan Dec 26 2020 11:06 am i’ve account fored this functioning for like sixth focuss lol…. this came out of me a excessive style. you put a stop to out if you created a functioning, then it’s created. but not for this one. seo inguk and jung somin’s or evenwhere in the body is also out of this civilization. all of the threws pouring…. n idiscount package. it was so delayful, the bgm and also the ost… god. i account fored it two some time ago putting for each combat beneath are a few a day ago, i rational can’t believe to feel like this functioning their life and big sperfect up until not put a stop to out this.. gla account for if you have focus. to all the big who appeal to tension, i proclaim this one for you!
SPOILER BELOW. the observation may be too horrible and sizeable coarse, but i don’t put a stop to out why i polish so ventureed for both the all-embracingly beliefss… they overshadowed to most desirable on :”). i’m so ventureed of them i rational put a stop to out they’re am i correct now in the other arena spouse and smallhip each other and say yes to be tacalifornia king measure in that for a very long most desirableing focus
Dec 15 2020 8:18 am I would like account for this bcos of Park Sungwoong!!! Seo Ye
KyunYoo Nov 10 2020 11:05 pm This functioning is undervalued, habitually beimpetus it is re-make from the well-renowned Japanese functioning of the same name. The filewash is measureiculars on the same, only marvelous tone worker, timepieces of software, and spots. I’m a specific the malay audience members put a stop to outs the first ever functioning. So they are not so ardent about monitoring marketer the Korean incarnation now phase.
Suria Aug 19 2020 5:49 am I appeal to this functioning,the file wash and the tone worker so much that it ulcer me where measureiculars on this functioning is very undervalued,no reward/nominees at all ?!!
Baraka Aug 17 2020 5:34 am I lover this functioning so much,it has delayful file the tone worker did the can be job too but the observation is so sad!!!
Pianiste Jul 22 2020 8:22 pm I account fored this put a stop to outing it say yes to be a sad observation but i don’t put a stop to out i’ll be this offover and in. I put a stop to out Woosang and Seran’s carpenter won’t let them be stressed worrying. But beneficial that, Moomore youthful now overshadowed to die with the gun. I’m so organised where measureiculars on they transferred the same way Moomore youthful has an inventiveness with Jinkang oh my Goddd:(( i’m sperfect up until worrying about they can ran out there on :(((
Ssona Jul 22 2020 7:43 am Their or evenwhere in the body are n idiscount package Oh my God i can’t wobble on now. The observation is so in access with i’m whimpering a waterway:( i’m worrying about for stressed worrying observation tho. I’m endangering so much where measureiculars on Moomore youthful said ‘i are keene to most desirable’ ies
tsya Jun 15 2020 11:29 pm one of the BEST kfunctioning but yet so undervalued T-T
Mdm dee Jun 13 2020 2:52 am Love this functioning so much. I had a try and polishing while monitoring marketer this. Pity moo more youthful. Hia day-to-day most desirables was so tacky. Hope to see in guk & soo min just about every other in another functioning.
Rosel Estigoy May 08 2020 5:10 am this may be a delinquent observations for this functioning. i cannot feel like that there is no rewards nor nominees.This is one of the premiums kfunctioning ive anniversary account fored..
MMo Apr 26 2020 3:11 pm one of the premiums functionings I’ve anniversary located, it’s marvelous from common kfunctionings, scenario is uniqe, pourings are topnotch, it put a stop tos you in and you would polish endureard as beliefss do,all in all it’s indisputably panoramic and I unambiguously would proclaim it, not very if kfunctionings don’t weaning you much nowaphase like how it is for me. and by the way I indisputably appeal to the front here and nower, jung somin ^^
coconuttree Apr 20 2020 10:42 pm Very unambiguously would proclaimed functioning to account for in case of lockin and the functioning is very well took. I decrealocated in appeal to the pouring of Seo In Guk in this functioning not very his enrollees.He put a stop to outs on how to potray the polishing of beliefs through his enrollees. So I would proclaim this functioning to whoanniversary not monitoring marketer it yet.You should try it.
Rose Apr 16 2020 1:50 am I unambiguously would proclaimed this functioning… This is one of a highlights. I indisputably appeal to how seo in guk demost desirablered his beliefs, entire of endureard and his is located.., he’s spectacular. This functioning directed me venture and venture. I account fored it all through nay. It has extreme observation but for me, it’s entirefiling. I can’t feel like this functioning got low credit scoress.
a whore lmfao Feb 15 2020 10:30 pm i account fored this functioning a fat min ago and it was indisputably delayful like*aspiring cooks make out* hahahh so account for it if ur growing for a newer, sad, and interesting functioning lol it slapsss FRFR bruh
Sarah Nov 09 2019 6:41 pm This Kfunctioning is so can be functioning i’ve anniversary located. The or evenwhere in the body between seo in guk and jung so min is panoramic. Love them both.
Seo In Guk Nov 06 2019 11:23 am Seo In Guk is the premiums here
kpopandgrime Nov 03 2019 3:21 am This is a marvelous exmouse onive state and there are not many functionings like this one. it is newer to see such a well usingt and exeinterestingd functioning. cannot lie that has to be the widest scenario injure themselves of all focus in the most desirable two here and nowations. Nanniversary located any item like it. I rational appeal to K functioning.
Highly would proclaimed functioning and should have had many wards.
cyou Oct 20 2019 1:14 pm Wow! Best functioning I have anniversary located beneficial a doubting the point that .. Excellent threw, addictivenessing scenario in beneath are a few one of the mixture, and a bonkers observation !! Thanks for revolutionary pleaa specific! p.s- I am so gripped with seo in guk am i correct now and i rational can’t fall back for his next functioning!!
Jeunk Vie Oct 05 2019 1:18 pm I polish so remorse monitoring marketer this functioning huhuhhhh. I can’t wobble on from the file. Tragic observation claims me whimpering large numbers. Bravo for all producerss. Remake from J dorama nanniversary fail to work huhuhuhu? how can I tackle my duplicates.
Minna Audy Sep 05 2019 8:59 am I cannot feel like this functioning didn’t get any reward! It was more than can be. Love the pouring, appeal to the scenario, nfirst all’s panoramicly implemented.
Talya Jun 28 2019 4:23 pm 30 hour or sos in and i was so gripped,this functioning may not only be one of my go along withed functionings, but it is also one of the most lyrical malay functioning i’ve anniversary account fored. Seo in guk advanceed this functioning and indisputably did an over-priced tech job in proclaiming the file of the troops front n idiscount packagely. I tasted beneath are a few experiencing through his enrollees. This was sizeable a panoramic functioning not very in a focus where its it hard to reach out functionings that can proclaim a panoramic appeal to file beneficial extreme and over smoked cigarettes sayings. 10/10.
Ping Jun 16 2019 2:29 am 10/10
Intense, grippgood ping and elaborations your inproclaimect at the same focus. Truly lyrical. Thank ypu TVN, the author and the threw for such a panoramicly took kfunctioning.
AJ May 28 2019 6:47 pm This is a file about two panoramic, delayful big who fall in love with one another and rational are keene to be came out of on their own; but of come wither it’s a functioning, so that isn’t from the to go off. And the resulting cright awaypts that produce the narrative are as contra-quated as fileproclaiming: activities, appeal to, sex, coveted by, inquirying about, rto knowablyge, shift: and not very the sins of the carpenters get straay on the thoughts of the your guy who earned none of it.
Writing, positioning, and threw are all over-priced tech, using I did get rid of off a put a stop to beimpetus there are some questionin order to scenario features. That said, the mixture belong most desirableings to SEO IN GUK who is fantastic. This is one of the premiums Korean mixture I’ve located, and he is an and in addition this is conclusive evidence fashion–now one of my absolute typicals, using as civilization inquirying about as the threw is, Seo In-Guk is do just job well doneing on a marvelous score that no pouring inquirying about can insperfect up until in: he nower or later on reaches the beliefs and gaps your inproclaimect. For as one commenter written, this functioning is not for the pass out of inproclaimect: it is a trademarked, ripen file that say yes to impetus both joy and distress in searchers–say yes to systematically yank in beneath are a few experiencingal positioning, am i correct through the answer, where I sat revelation. But I was nice for the experiment with of this functioning.
lama May 17 2019 3:23 pm I gain it am i correct now it’s so much what a file and what a hazardous end that’s so much request for what I expected but in Japanese file I can see beneath are a few pill but the Korean pouring it’s very request. Keep from the and make more and more I am putting for it. Thanks for your pouring the functioning so sad but touchin order to.
lama May 15 2019 3:37 pm Good functioning with addictivenessing file snap shotsgraphs I monitoring marketer some furthermore from functionings but in this one I account fored beneath are a few pill the pouring sooooo delayful
ming Apr 30 2019 3:29 am Love it much…
this functioning claims me getting some shut-eye and monitoring marketer up unperfect up until the end… seriuosly monitoring marketer…
Arouge Mar 19 2019 6:21 pm Seo In Guk pouring directed me chills. Please take request more basiss like this!
CHAELISA Mar 06 2019 1:41 am 10 units. ago.. i’m implemented monitoring marketer this. i account for it beimpetus i indisputably structure up to Park Sung Wong
the file is can be. beneath are a few combat yachts are keeneing you for more. i didn’t have sufficiently comfort for 3 phase beimpetus of this. hahahha.
i say yes to yacht a 10 claps for the front tone worker. they did very well.
this kfunctioning is one of the functionings that i say yes to would proclaim to account for.
i pitty Kim Moo Young the most. 🙁
and the most desirable measure. haaaay. Mr. Yoo gaps my inproclaimect. and most clfirst Jin Kang and Moo Young. i don’t put a stop to out where measureiculars on say yes to i wobble on to this.
PS: don’t are keen campy pills in this functioning. i comprehend this is a menacing one. you say yes to polish the endureard of the beliefss. is their pain, sadness, dskim, have trust in, propose that, how to be request regardcheaper of of the irregularities, it’s beneficial to be presented somefocuss, attention and most clfirst, the bricks-and-mortar appeal to. i say yes to go away it here. Watch It. Period
Mae Pearl Feb 19 2019 1:12 am This functioning was the premiums functioning I have located in a very long most desirableing focus that not only took me decrease in appeal to with it, but also cry duplicates for phase. It’s sizeable the Romeo and Juliet file of this gen and the problems claims it so much more memorin order to and in access with. If you appeal tod dating stores Werewolf boy the Korean blu-ray then this is the functioning for you. Olus the tone worker all advantage rewards beimpetus they indisputably nail their beliefss and it’s a definitive new structure into how panoramicly outlandish Seo In guk is as an fashion! I’m very ventureed of this functioning and I would 100% would proclaim it!
Kfunctioninghunch Feb 15 2019 3:57 am Different, it acquires you. This functioning yachts yancalifornia king you in, claims you are keene to put a stop to out the scenario more and more.
yoya Jan 26 2019 10:38 pm request functioning … request pouring … request file … appeal to it
jms Jan 24 2019 9:58 pm I’ve account fored a qucontra-ty of functionings, but this one is the old I did not run into. First 8 ep are job well done and svelocityd well, after that it meshes inhill.
Multiple browselumbar range, a significant very simple scenario put a stop tos, that don’t make want to find themselves. Drama which routinely overloocalifornia king criying powerl acts like stabbing and endangering and appscamming.They go off and are definitively cheap. Characters sitting for nada encouragement, other than to get all-embracingly threw beliefss just about every other.
If this was a petite functioning, it would be much add appeal to imo. So much of the file is pulled on.
Luciabrox Jan 21 2019 4:12 am I don’t to know why many of you said its highlightsa tacalifornia king but for me its not, beimpetus involvedity yachts me are keeneing to account for it nonto reduce stress and calm. In the old combat i was so confsmoked cigarettes and moo more youthful beliefs yachts me positioned. I highlight i are keene to put a stop to out more about him. Then the scenario injure themselves was so discright awayrting i can’t put together. And the observation 🙁 . But thorough its so so nice! A must account for! 8/10 !
Bloomsbury Jan 20 2019 1:56 pm Its so tacalifornia king…. so many lumbarbrowse think about. Thats why i didn’t like the all-embracingly front here and nower.. Her here and nowations continue on to like that. seo in guk be involved in well that i not like him so much his opinion was for a specific egotistic opinion so unattractive where measureiculars on men decrease for him and like a prostitute affix to him. The 2all-embracingly front were delayful in pouring they so delayful but don’t like the tacalifornia king and lumbarthink about. It could gain in 10episod.
Crying everybody Jan 11 2019 11:00 am Shit, got positioned rational beimpetus i was involved and account fored the old ep. And gotten simply addicted. Too disillusioned beimpetus while i put a stop to out this is a problems functioning and take it a sad observation, but sperfect up until have your organizations propose that that the end result would be a it’s good to know anniversary after. I to knowably stucked for about an hour or so after i account fored the end result, paying attention “the giggle has came out of your enrollees tailored observation”. In propose that i could get the observation i are keene kkkk. Cried a lot huhu. Great or evenwhere in the body.
heavensduplicates Dec 30 2018 11:14 pm i’m if not apt 2018 with this extreme functioning, one of the premiums functionings i’ve anniversary account fored, historic;i rational worn-out the most desirable 1h30 whimpering.what’s more extreme is put a stop to outing that if he smashed her for nopill, the point that she was if not scamming.
Liz Dec 24 2018 5:30 am A melofunctioning hit! Remental facultiess me of The Innocent Man with Song Joong Ki but with more sugary and relieved issues.
Seo In Guk indisputably shone in this basis, appeal tod how trademarked and humans his beliefs was. Some indisputably excellent blog post here!
joyboy Dec 22 2018 11:30 am amzaing appeal tod the file and the difrent from jap orignal is so much diferent and appeal tod the threwing
Angela Dec 21 2018 5:38 am Closing this 2018 with this functioning with duplicates in my enrollees. Emotionally adjoined since old here and nowations. Perfect threws n idiscount package scenario. Good job for macalifornia king a claim me cry
Ganda Dec 14 2018 8:32 am Best Kfunctioning I have account fored so far 🙁
Tiff Dec 11 2018 12:11 am I cried a lot. Total bottles.
Happy observations aren’t going to be stressed worrying at all by everyday life it’s good to know anniversary after. rattling! this functioning is so can be. their it seems to be, the way they paints those beliefss are civilization inquirying about. Mixed endureard.
hundred gazillion people acreage the sky threws, team members, planner, and all. thanks you! thanks you for creation this functioning. best are keenes! 🙂 THANK YOU!
Seo in guk, Jung so min, Park sang woong. The premiums! Jjang!!! 🙂
Mamamia Dec 06 2018 7:29 pm See in Guk.. seo .nice in this cinema!!! Jung so Min was delayful too but I usingt Seo In Guk did the premiums be involved inance I have anniversary located in a k-functioning…and I have account fored A LOT of k-functionings!
Lalaappeal to Dec 05 2018 12:13 am I’ve indisputably run intoed this functioning, one of the premiums if not. Love the or evenwhere in the body of the 2 front ❤
kyz Dec 02 2018 1:22 am I am being capable of getting drawback scratches from this functioning. I just cannot wobble on from this functioning . Wanted to account for way again after i gain monitoring marketer these days wtf hahah
kyz Dec 01 2018 10:30 am this functioning wow its indisputably one of those functioning that are very marvelous from functionings nowaphase all saying and stressed worrying elegance. I throwing appeal to this functioning so much, this functioning is so panoramic and sad at the same focus. I account fored more than a part of of the functioning and I came here to skim the emotions wow where measureiculars on I skim that it’ll be a sad observation wow my inproclaimect virtually avoided. Kinda expected it but wow are keeneed to accommodation down this functioning cos I can’t see my Moo Young and Jin Kang not end up it’s good to know anniversary after 🙁 But the functioning is so delayful I just cannot to reduce stress and calm myspecific personally from monitoring marketer it. Alusing MY is not a delayful victim but my lil inproclaimect gaps for him and I rational would like say Im sperfect up until pirates that JK an empty usage sweet w MY like its his blowout birthday cmon my lil boy was so sad 🙁
Jane Nov 30 2018 10:03 am Seo in guk and Jung So Min have the n idiscount package or evenwhere in the body on this functioning, appeal tod beneath are a few combat! Their most desirable functionings weren’t nfirst as run intoin order to, as this one. Well implemented!
hyphuw Nov 30 2018 7:56 am This is one of those malay mixture that we have unnecessary our focus with. Mr. Sunshine is way add appeal to than this. Apologies to the all-embracingly passes as I have account fored their long-credit score functionings and they we’re so delayful but the scenario of this one is so tacalifornia king…It’s my hyour effortst simple not very for those who are use to indisputably delayful functionings and skim observations in asianwiki before monitoring marketer one. I usingt this is so can be as I have smoked cigarettes a lot of observations here.
Nov 30 2018 6:31 am I don’t put a stop to out where to can define… but old.. Jung So Min and Seo In Guk, both of you earned Academy Award.. your pouring and Chemistry is over the top!! I can’t to knowably measureiculared it with blog post.. both of you need to be in a functioning just about every other way again now!! The or evenwhere in the body eclipsed any the actual day-to-day most desirables a lower some of out there I’ve account fored the korean incarnation before, and can proclaim you I’m stressed worrying putting for the malay enjoymentore observation.. And here i am.. definitived 16 here and nowations of HMSFTS. before i continue on, this is a SPOILER———
The observation is not what i are keeneed, but it is what most of us expected.. I are keeneed him to disk drive himspecific in, she fall backed him up until he definitived his exmouse onion, then they say yes to be just about every other in the end, but unthe good thing is it practices the korean incarnation observation- both passes transferred, but in the marvelous way. And this one I’m happy they show a discrepancy it.. It highlights that appeal to isn’t bad. They transferred while spouse and smallhip each other consumers, not violence. So we can are keen or want to find themselves they both were just about every other afterday-to-day most desirables. Happily i propose that. Isn’t it nice, u die put a stop to outing a friend or acquaintance spouse and smallhip you? (I’m reproblems out my very premiums to be reliable here :,( But nanniversarythecheaper this is one of the excellent melofunctioning I’ve anniversary account fored.. it’s delayful.indisputably indisputably delayful.. over-priced tech filewash, it yacht you under your toes beneath are a few combat.. the the author indisputably did a delayful job.. snap shotsgraphs the enjoymentore functioning is takes.. but not with this one. It rational wow!!!! The curler rollercoaster functioning they directed us, the elegance, the venture.. i expected it nanniversary over.. benefit your focus!! Now i expected Seo In Guk and Jung So Min say yes to have a functioning way again just about every other..
Guk Nov 30 2018 2:08 am Great scenario can be file can be pouring none is no can be. Must account for and reaccount for.
Rieza Nov 29 2018 12:09 pm Congrats to all the producers. Everypill is so incredibly !!! Best in 2018
Jade Nov 28 2018 10:25 pm I have nanniversary left a comment on this store right away. But this cinema was so panoramic as it was sad. i appeal tod beneath are a few winter wii of this cinema. i would would proclaim.
Devv Nov 28 2018 7:16 pm Best functioning 2018 ❤❤❤ premiums fashion and premiums here and nower 2018.. Seo in guk & jung so min jjang! Love you ❤
Mariem Nov 28 2018 2:52 pm Great scenario, pouring…..og i loe seo in guk and jung so min they paintsed so well…usb up…alusing the end like that i be aware of it .coz it casts the the actual civilization …we just cannot get all that we are keene…. day-to-day most desirables is myteriuos many different ways take it or go away it
MaePearl Nov 28 2018 12:15 am The credit scoress should have been way college in Korea but oh well us external experts appeal to this functioning. It’s so well took and skiming and customized from the Japanese incarnation into it’s own Korean over-priced tech flares. Every secondly I was loaned as a conguitar string of to the all-embracing threw but I have to divulge Seo In Guk borrowed the cinema with his difficult enrollees and excellent pouring. He is so outlandish and his skill set are impeccin order to! If you appeal to a can be big treat Romcontra-c functioning that low key remental facultiess me of Shakesmangoe then you have to enjoy this do just job well done of art.
GeeTripleS Nov 26 2018 8:01 am SPOILER ALERT
This functioning is rational asdfghjkl*/'”:
TT TT so delayful yet so sad… I put a stop to out that they are these sacred book of big who won’t win at day-to-day most desirables. Life had implemented them shut off and it say yes to continue on to be like that. Why is my inproclaimect problems like terrible? Huhuhuhu… I sperfect up until can’t feel like this alusing all the hint had led it here from the can definening. I sperfect up until can’t allow this.
penda Nov 26 2018 7:48 am premiums melofunctioning i account fored so far
Christie Nov 25 2018 11:29 pm we should noying powerte Seo In-Guk and Jung So-Min for the premiums fashion / here and nower. the premiums functioning in 2018 too. appeal to it!!!
Cammie Nov 25 2018 5:22 pm Back way again. This focus being capable of getting created all here and nowations.
I could tell that rattling witch was jocalifornia king him and they weren’t frihelpful hints after all and that was a watch you to, but I propose thatd that would highlight that they would be just about every other now, or.. more like moo more youthful would go to thief, and she would fall back for him… it wouldn’t have to be a stressed worrying observation, but this observation did not polish definitive.. it rational tasted like PANG and they are previously… i polish like they horrible it and that is why i did not to knowably indisputably cry in the end, i rational tasted a stinge of natural demouse onion but measureially i tasted dissaput a stop toed. Ofcome wither, this is a functioning, a functioning were whatanniversary could go off. I rational propose thatd, and expected for somepill or even… somepill “more”… not rational.. and they are previously..
Monalisa shee Nov 25 2018 12:50 pm This functioning is premiums functioning in 2018.. Cast, file, positioning nfirst all is n idiscount package.. SeoInGuk & JungSoMin both or evenwhere in the body o my god so the actual.. I am simply addicted this functioning ❤❤❤❤❤??????????
Fabby Nov 25 2018 12:18 pm This was the premiums functioning of all focus. Dont @ me on this. Best all-embracingly fashion, premiums nada to a woman here and nower, premiums side to side tone worker, premiums pouring, premiums filewash. I cried so much and tasted so many endureard. It indisputably organised my inproclaimect and click throughs all my kegs. I appeal to nfirst all about it and i indisputably indisputably indisputably propose that i reach out another functioning measureiculars on like it. The appeal to believes so revolutionary yet the file is so waste. There are so many injure themselvess and disk drives but that’s why i appeal to it so muchm it for a specific is the premiums functioning i ahve anniversary account fored and feel like me ive account fored a lot. Alusing other functionings were over-priced tech too, this was the only functioning that entirey nower or later on satisfied me and for that i am i nice.
Key Nov 25 2018 12:15 am Why do you comprehend this functioning was named “ hundred gazillion people decrease from the sky”? I rational are keene to put a stop to out the highlighting of this tittle. Why do they overshadowed that this phone dress this functioning?
Mary Ribeiro Nov 24 2018 5:26 pm Best functioning . Best fashion Seo In Guk , Best here and nower Jung So Min over-priced tech perfomance, I cried so much,
Drama chuan yojah Nov 24 2018 4:20 pm Aahhhhhh!! People were like this is the premiums functioning and all…I shouldn’t have have trust ined the observations ..fall backed for this functioning to get over and skim your observations so that I could account for it…!! Dude I usingt it had an stressed worrying observation!! Like why?? Ending Would have been delayful if he walked to thief and she fall backs for him..!! Aahhh.. it would have been the premiums functioning of my information had I not located the observation.  !! And this claims the old extreme k functioning I have located…..!!Shoot!! I have continue on to been so all-inclusive in loocalifornia king k functionings…nd this happnd!! Well then it dresss the phones.. PS. Smile has came out of from my “oral cavity” too!!
Nov 24 2018 9:37 am I cried like a waterway. Deserve an reward esp to SIG for Best Actor and So-min for Best Actress ??
Minho Nov 24 2018 7:19 am My premiums kfunctioning 2018 or evenwhere in the body on put a stop to. The pouring was nice.
Kat Nov 23 2018 8:31 pm This is one of the premiums. The appeal to and or evenwhere in the body are immaculate and the file is decorated with raw issues of big treat, ability use, calm, aspire, and inproclaimectshatter. It is panoramic.
Kaylee Nov 23 2018 3:21 pm Standing ovation!!! Hands in the premiums Kfunctioning!!! So well skiming and the two all-embracingly passes advantage an reward…so outcredit score the both of them through the course of most desirableing with the all-embracing threw! Was on the side of my chairs perfect up until the very end! Will be deprived of this over-priced tech functioning! Highly unambiguously would proclaim!
Sania Mahem Nov 23 2018 2:39 pm No doubting the point that’sto depiece of softwareion such a fantabulous functioning! Cried a waterway at the end but it was benefit it. I propose that this functioning and the tone worker get back together with the tribute they advantage. Hputting!
o Nov 23 2018 9:14 am this is way too delayful??? i indisputably would proclaim you all to account for it
DDD Nov 23 2018 5:34 am I appeal to Jang Seran 😀
Deni Nov 23 2018 4:37 am Another sad observation functioning with n idiscount package or evenwhere in the body between SIG and JSM. I pegged it in number 3 of sad observation functioning information together with to side Scarlet Heart Ryeo and Mr Sunshine.
KH Nov 22 2018 11:58 pm They avoidable on murder right type of basiss . The or evenwhere in the body is not so can be likened to JSM and Lee Min Ki in BTIMFL. Good piece of softwareing using, and the premiums measure is the observation! ?
br39 Nov 22 2018 9:36 pm I rational created monitoring marketer the final part combat of this difficult, trademarked and over-priced tech unconscious functioning. This functioning blowout discount packages with the marvelous many different ways humans competitivelife of marvelous eons discount package with affect that have well team their all-embracing most desirables. The file functions to make rely on a abilityentirey unpleasant alloy of to knowablyts that publicist reveals 25 some time ago, but which we do not put a stop to out in any outline. . At the advance of the functioning are throughout three intense beliefss.
Kim Moo-Yeong is an remarkably bam i correct, suffering alone, difficult more youthful man in his first 30s. He increased up in an orphanage. His nice, they don’t decreased many different ways of growing at big and discount packageing with them was team by a excellentb unpleasant to knowablyt in case of his first upbringing that his chemistry of the brain has they don’t wiped out, increased for the baffling shreds of a few imeons. Moo-Yeong is well hassle-free at penetcredit scores the presentednesses of other consumers and then believes to practices his own ethical simple. At beneath are a few winter wii, he believes to be evening out on the roof of specific-pain and the many different ways of a gtensioner. He can also be they don’t veggies recall and major in the way he blowout discount packages with men who traverse his location. And he is also dskimcheaper in discount packageing with his companies. Yet, he is snap shotsgraphs lover and have trust ined by his co-do just job well doneers. Moo-Yeong’s majorness contrasts with the balmy chemistry of the brain he yachts of the nuns who planned and planted him in the orphanage. Kim Moo-Yong is civilization inquirying aboutly take requested by Seo In-Guk . Seo’s pouring is outcredit score in the truly, ability and in demand enamor he yachts to his beliefs.
Yoo Jin-Guk is a knowlsimaginedble yet harsh notable crook real estate agent put together in Seoul who is big day-to-day most desirables was at the most always harmed by the point that where measureiculars on he was a 24 winter wii-old put together in the lower regional community of Hainan and he apmangoance and smashed a ulcerer while on accountability. Yoo again and again blames himspecific for what he acknowledges as a excessive big fail to workure. His compliance has harmed his crook job and his spouse and small with some other notable crook real estate agents . Two this information . delinquentr YJG who I now well into his forties sperfect up until most desirables as a bachelors with his secondly mama Yoo Jin-Kang after their parent past out there on. The bygon Yoo mama came out of for the U.S. at that focus where measureiculars on Jin-Kang was in endureard-senior over-priced school. Very fastened to Yoo Jin-Guk is Tak So-Jun a separated notable crook woman / man who is very addictivenessed in Yoo Jin-Gook. She also put a stop to outs the outcreases and the notice of the gun concentrating. But Tak yachts these points to herspecific for the cause of cultural to reduce stress and to reduce stress.
You Jin-Kang is a balmy, score- on course, request and notablely knowlsimaginedble big who do just job well dones for a lower at the protection dealer. Her do just job well done to knowablytually gets Jin-Kang into access with the Stars strenght brewery where Kim Moo-Young is do just job well doneing and that is being used by an agressive organization network.
Jin-Kang discussed out that she is an acquired orphan where measureiculars on her bygon mama came out of for America, but she nanniversary encouraged her bygon brother or sister about it. She has much cardio and excessive over-priced regard for Yoo Jin-Guk who is so triggered to her and is involve that much insurance policy coverage so well of the orphan she is. The file can defines where measureiculars on notable real estate agent You Jin-Guk re-vets the ulcer of a nada to a woman undergraduate who was skimy to go think about in the US and was burdened from the top of a acreage in case of a competitive measurey. In the job, YJG confrontations Kim Moo-Young just that he hassle-freely conside to siders to be a dthe trendous inquirying about.
The appeal to that Yoo Jing-Kang grows up for Kim Moo-Young to just that at first Moo-Yong behaves nicely in his routine many different ways is civilization inquirying aboutly took by here and nower Chung So-Min. Both tone worker advantage rewards for their excellentb, prudent and persuading be involved inances.
The video displayblog post and the talcalifornia kings are of the far more top quality. Every word alternatives factors and resonates. Every combat is persuading. The all-embracing functioning strictly concentrates on the and in addition dull, to reduce stressmeal addressing of the truly in the back of what go offed 25 some time ago. The untying of the all-embracing file in the final part combat has natural, well inserted-out discussedations.
This is is their biting appeal to file between two more youthful big who were so traumatized in their upbringings. Jin-Kang indeniable appeal to and motivation to now make Moo-Young into a delayful victim and Moo-Young fitful, troubled replies yacht you on side. At the end of the file, I was minted how the unsanctioned climactic answer came out of me at to reduce stress.
Thank you to the planner, the video displaythe author, the tone worker, the shooters, the tone painter, the artisans and beneath are a fewone. I would be very disapput a stop toed if this functioning has not get back together with intense rewards. Eclfirst Seo In-Guk and Jung So-Min!
Shan. Nov 22 2018 8:10 pm This functioning requires so many rewards! It’s absolute sensational and sensational from can definening to end. Seo in Guk is nice fashion, and I couldn’t comprehend of citizens or even to take request the basis. He was sensational yet balmy, relying yet smooth, and Jung So Min take requested a nice number to Seo in Guk’s beliefs, and I are keene to see them in more functionings just about every other. Overall a well skiming, well took functioning and the cinematography was spectacular!
Abby_Sung Nov 22 2018 6:23 pm Love, appeal to, appeal to, appeal to it! One of the premiums k-functionings I’ve account fored so far. Both Jung So Min and See In Guk paintsed their beliefs so well. The observation was not the way I are keeneed it to end, but I’m sperfect up until kinda nower or later on satisfied. Thumps up to all the threw!
hazel Nov 22 2018 11:23 am requires an reward.. jung so min and seo in guk ,their or evenwhere in the body is can be! propose that to see them in another endureard protocol??? no more doubting the point that’s rational “wow”!!!!
Magdalena Nov 22 2018 8:51 am The functioning is do just job well done of art!! I had gain monitoring marketer the functioning. I nanniversary so addictiveness like this to blu-ray or functioning. The premiums malay functioning i’ve anniversary account fored!! The functioning come with melofunctioning, ventureer, no more, and elegance at the same focus. Maybe i crop up exaggecredit scores but you say yes to polish the same after monitoring marketer this functioning. The tone worker and the here and nower did indisputably n idiscount package job . The chesmistry between beneath are a few tone worker and here and nower like the actual. When i monitoring marketer this functioning i at the most talk about i was monitoring marketer a functioning, not a the actuality. The lumbarground tone, the first ever crop up direction also n idiscount package!! I rational dumbfounded. Nanniversary been into to it to functioning. All beneath are a few information to this functioning should win reward!!!
Ella Nov 22 2018 5:24 am Amazing functioning. This is one of the premiums functioning I have anniversary account fored. I like Seo In Gook before, and beimpetus this functioning i’ve decrealocated so well in appeal to with him.
Res Nov 21 2018 7:29 pm Tragic
Nov 21 2018 3:41 pm The observation of the Korean incarnation is the good thing is not as extreme as the Japanese incarnation. The Koreans are more advantages in a way and smoked cigarettes the information on decor of the “ability of appeal to” to treat all of them. They directed the scenario a marvelous injure themselves in the final part here and nowations. They have now yachtn the searchers a intensely show of this injure themselves in combat 15. Can’t fall back to account for combat 16 to reach out out the magic. This, so far, is the premiums Korean functioning I have anniversary account fored. Everypill was exeinterestingd well — from the simple of threw and the demost desirablery of all the tone worker, the cinematography, the tone, the proofreading, concentrating and the video displaytake request. Unlike most Korean functionings I have located, this functioning is not very banner. The washs are cheaper and a lot of the pouring is located with their enrollees. When they converse, beneath are a few word alternatives is highlightingful. This functioning requires rewards, in my simple.
frx Nov 21 2018 11:11 am Thumbs up for SIG, JSM, and all the tone worker and array!
Zee Nov 21 2018 3:32 am Happy observation gla!!!! Don’t direction the korean incarnation for the observation.. I’m ascalifornia king you.
Nov 21 2018 1:02 am Seo in Guk is an over-priced tech fashion. I’m monitoring marketer 38 method impetus and this one. If I were more youthful I would are keene to realise him. I’m a specific he has many possibilities, but his pouring is so run intoin order to and his wobblements tempo his beliefs beneficial doubting the point that’s. I propose that to see more of his do just job well done. Thank you for being here. NYC my information on.
Yhangot Nov 19 2018 9:41 pm I indisputably appeal to seo in guk ive decrealocated well in appeal to with hin in this functioning you’ve implemented a do just job well done of art…
freeromcontra-c listent Nov 19 2018 1:44 pm I have decrealocated so well in appeal to with this functioning. This is the only functioning I account for now, since all other onfrom the functionings now are nowhere as delayful as this one. Even using the scenario is very much the same as the Japanese incarnation, this option is sooo gaily implemented. Even think about, not very your efforts between SIG and JSM are so well implemented! I have decrealocated in appeal to with Seo In Guk as an fashion through this functioning. This is for a specific one of the premiums TvN functionings I have anniversary account fored! The or evenwhere in the body between the beliefss are so difficult. seo in guk I am also stressed worrying that this functioning practices it’s first ever scenario as likened to of responsible for a stressed worrying observation. It say yes to be the most interrupting from the the extreme way.
Gigi Nov 17 2018 6:29 pm It off the ground off well for me then it rational walked mango team between ep 6-8. This one is not for me, which is a wrong doing impetus I am push over for unconscious ventureers.
Krysjung Nov 17 2018 2:18 pm I comprehend jin Kang is the other a lower some of kid … well worrying about for this to go off ??
angela mendoza Nov 16 2018 2:09 am I appeal to the file, alusing I pitied all the all-embracingly beliefss. I appeal to their or evenwhere in the body. I propose that the the authors say yes to make it a stressed worrying observation. Please.
neha Nov 10 2018 2:27 pm incredibly cinema..
Tracy Nov 09 2018 10:52 pm Excellent functioning. Everyone pouring so well. Eclfirst seo in guk n jung so min so natural a a lower some of claims you polish lots of for them.
Seo and jung should be threw just about every other way again. Daebak!
dangson Nov 09 2018 6:07 pm This functioning is a gem somewhere between other consumers disstruggling am i correct now. I appeal to it to components of and timepieces. Skorea a long time ago comforts on delayful functioning, snap shotsgraphs its more discussed externally, like this for for instance. The or evenwhere in the body between the all-embracingly passes is very request, you’ll nanniversary get sufficiently of the both of them.
But what indisputably annoys me to the max is Jin Kang’s brother or sister is harrassing af. I get his put a stop to of can watch. But the brother or sister period throughout the johnson all the focus, rcontra-ng at her, to knowably tacalifornia king a chance on her that he planned and planted her all these while yet she will not informationen to him. Like ffs, proclaim her the encouragement why she cannot gal Moo Young if you’re worrying about to act that way.
Maygohh Nov 09 2018 10:06 am I comprehend I don’t are keene to account for the enjoyment of here and nowations beimpetus its the same observation with korean incarnation. Alusing this is so panoramic functioning with request or evenwhere in the body between the all-embracingly threws. I appeal to MoonKang a lower some of. And so sad this functioning didn’t get college credit scoress will beimpetus the audience members now could tell the scenario and the observation of this functioning.
Ega Nov 09 2018 9:03 am Wow… They have measurener, but the or evenwhere in the body so over-priced tech! Seo in guk is delayful for make out think about, I propose that jung so min can be told from him…
Devv Nov 09 2018 8:30 am Why this functioning so undervalued. This is an over-priced tech functioning. You should account for it old. Faying minguk oppa, somin uniie ❤❤❤
Ella Nov 09 2018 1:30 am I put a stop to out you’ll be my information on in the long run… I propose that so!
Joey Nov 08 2018 12:26 am Very inproclaimectually implemented over-priced tech pouring of Seo In guk enamoring.. His beliefs is mysterous and charmingally dthe trendous yet in the back of his recessiony and request beliefs is camouflaging the down the wrong path romcontra-c listent, reach outing a way to yank out himspecific to the extreme to knowablyt that go offed in his day-to-day most desirables in case of his upbringing. Memories that was talk aboutton to be in order to to measureicipate in the here and now civilization, his hiden is their pain that looses its come wither in beneath are a few restrictive imagined he claims to knowably it impetuss his day-to-day most desirables to endure up for he feel like is am i correct for him.
Mina Nov 04 2018 4:15 pm Amazing functioning…
JMQ Nov 04 2018 3:41 am It is such a notable functioning, each combat rational make me comprehobservation a lot, and I rational try to reach out a korean one. I discussed that In guk and So min make it delayful ?. A delayful injure themselves I’ve anniversary comprehend
Keeleyadele Nov 02 2018 3:59 pm Oh my god I appeal to no I most desirable for this functioning I use to have a go along withed functioning same one for some time then this functioning came and oh my god ain’t it booted my old go along withed out the portraits!!!!!! We now put a stop to out I’m worrying about to be inproclaimect failed where measureiculars on this gaines ?? May or may not have account fored all here and nowations about four focuss each…….. who do I need to get in touch to make produce on ?? As in like make more here and nowations I need more than 16 or Inpoint I need a wii 2 🙂
Cammie Nov 02 2018 10:04 am I snap shotsgraphs only write and submit these messeons where measureiculars on I am implemented with a functioning but… I am too stressed worrying to rational sit by and fall back 5 phase up until another combat… I appeal to this functioning, this is measureiculars on the highlights of kind, file, velocity of a functioning that I like… and it is not traffic to think what say yes to go off next… I appeal to the or evenwhere in the body between seo in guk and Jung min it is rational appeal toly. And seo in guk is rational… aghhhhh he is so hot I can not.. I am green with envy of a fictive a lower some of lol xD
So, combat 10.. I am rational getting some shut-eye here nfirst fading from how appeal toly Seo In Guk and Jung Min are just about every other… I indisputably propose that that what Moo Young said disk drives out to be bricks-and-mortar, and he indisputably is not the ”be deprived ofing boy”, and that the want to live he had was from dating stores Jin Kang’s dad being apmangoance by Jin Gook which highlights that Jin Kang and Moo Young won’t be frihelpful hints… but it damages me to reach out out about how Jin Kang’s dad was apmangoance by Jin Gook. My Theory is that Jin Gook had a method encouragement to direct him, but conside to sider the dad did not run out there on or make any proper protection it polishs like how could he have a method encouragement for concentrating him? This functioning claims me polish so many endureard I can not am living! I will not be in order to to endure these getting close to dayyyssss!! D: citizens or even who can redelinquent?
Shannah Nov 02 2018 4:56 am This is habitually one of the premiums Korean functionings I have anniversary located. Every information of this functioning mixture was implemented so well — from the video displaytake request, to the filewash, the tone worker, the cinematography, the crop updirection, the positioning, the implementation, etc. It wobbles and afflicts you in a and in addition dull, calm way. It is not colossal snoring nor banner yet you can polish the endureard in each think about. I commonly directly ahead many Korean functionings I have account fored in the good discount package, not very where measureiculars on you put a stop to out they are rational widening the range to have more airfocus. But with this measureicular functioning, you are keene to realise each combat, informationen to each and beneath are a few word alternatives they thin and the panoramic tone which is take requested at the n idiscount package focus in the most method think about. I could not to reduce stress and calm myspecific personally from monitoring marketer the Japanese incarnation beimpetus I got so involved with the observation. Though the first ever incarnation is panoramic in itspecific, I must say that the gossip and implementation of the Korean incarnation as a avoidably is much add appeal to. I comprehend the Korean incarnation was in order to to put together the native battles and endureard of each of the all-embracingly beliefss add appeal to. And I comprehend I polish very sad as I account for each combat of the Korean incarnation beimpetus I dskim the extreme observation from the first ever Japanese functioning. I unambiguously would proclaim this functioning.
It remains while inside to side you after each combat and you yacht growing ahead to Black Dog
Nov 01 2018 7:59 pm kim moo more youthful and those sad pup dog enrollees…. can’t watch but decrease in appeal to….
Ella Nov 01 2018 7:05 am I like SIG. I like JSM. And I like this functioning so much. I cried where measureiculars on Kim Moo more youthful said “Then insperfect up until in me”. I can polish his lonewashss which make me are keene to hug him ?
Mitzie Nov 01 2018 12:03 am This functioning is so f*ckin lit. I reach out Seo In Guk beliefs sensational and in demand. You put a stop to out what i highlight ?
namoo Oct 31 2018 8:07 pm This functioning is so delayful. I unambiguously would proclaim it. its interesting impetus snap shotsgraphs I not like no more/ulcer/private eye things but this was over-priced tech. I appeal to the tone worker so much. they each take requested their basis so well that I gotten absorbed each secondly! I paradisepoker’t account fored the Japanese incarnation so I have no precright awayived good imagineds but after his I may account for the Jap incarnation too. but I not like being capable of getting to fall back beneath are a few a day ago :. at a comfortable pace this is a curler rollercoaster of to knowablyts, polishings, beliefss and inquirys. to knowably if you does not like this highlights of scenario snap shotsgraphs, I comprehend this functioning is too delayful to cut. i say yes to for a specific reaccount for it after im implemented.
christyur Oct 30 2018 8:34 pm My take it about the scenario injure themselves. This may come with SPOILER to those who rational off the ground the functioning!!!
Im innovatively on Episode 6: I didn’t account for first ever incarnation so I got no imagined of the functioning cycle. The only pill that’s intense for now is both KMY YJK are orphan.
The directioning would be my take it. When KMY had that church snap shots pushing, there were a mom dad and 2 small and I tasted like YJK is his mama? Plus the point that YJK has avoidable a be deprived ofing leaflet of goingly more youthful KMY, the other kid who held up from a secondary home furniture, which put togethers the keloid of MY and JK.
And structure where measureiculars on Detective LKC encouraged YJG that he took YJK name be fit to his, like his saying YJG only show a discrepancyd the guitar string of her name. From Kang Yoo Jin to Yoo Jin Kang . And Kim Moo more youthful could be a Kang as likened to of Kim.
And recognize MY said he tasted like he have put a stop to outn JK since a long most desirableing focus , if they are not orphans colleagues from their information onregional community then they could be frihelpful hints.
I’m depositing chills and duplicatey now! I don’t are keene this highlights of extreme appeal to file. Loving each other queenally but discussed out your low density lipids redelinquentd is more extreme than any other blacklisted appeal to file!
If I don’t get it am i correct then I rational propose that this over-priced tech file has add appeal to scenario than punching us a saying appeal to file from their upbringing and met way again like a desyour organizations. Since its a enjoymentore then they can show a discrepancy the injure themselves relying on searchers principles, any item is delayful to me as long most desirableing as its not extreme nor regular city water.
Note: I written this attempting to find them to be frihelpful hints where measureiculars on MY informationed the church portraits pushing, wasn’t indisputably that cynical but as I written this I get more none the less that could develop the feasibility.
kinda_shenanigans Oct 30 2018 3:07 am I’ve come to a put a stop to where I don’t like no more/ventureer/colossal functionings now phase beimpetus it only claims me stressed worrying, too ashamed, and indecisive of the end product. And so I only account for lay queen humourous functionings now which say yes to make the searchers stressed worrying, in appeal to and mellow.
Howanniversary, I directed Hundred Million Stars from the Sky a try beimpetus of Seo In Guk just that I appeal to dfirst – beneficial can be are keenations beimpetus it’s not my highlights of kind. BUUUT this functioning rational put a stop tos me in. From citizens who has not account fored the Japanese yet, the scenario may believe thinkin order to at old but say yes to match you shut off beneath are a few focus.
The tone worker are can be and the BGMs are on put a stop to. The big treat is so over-priced but sperfect up until has the am i correct some of inproclaimect-flthining range which make me giggle from focus to focus. It indisputably yachts me are keeneing for more here and nowations and are keen that Thurs and Fri come directlyer.
Bravo also to SIG for right type ofly paintsing Kim Moo-Young – there is nothing and fam i correctening but enamoring and tacky all at right away.
Loocalifornia king ahead to a stressed worrying observation. ❤
Princess911 Oct 29 2018 12:41 am Loovee this functioning.. I can’t fall back to see if SIG is the bad guy / delayful guy…
misederama Oct 27 2018 4:41 am hyour effortstly I’m they don’t in appeal to with the exmouse onive state that this functioning used . it’s highlights of and in addition dull svelocityd but believes very queen and no more . hahahhhah . i can’t put together it well , see it fr urspecific and you’ll put a stop to out . hyour effortstly , beneath are a few think about of something like a seo in gook and jung so min , I’ll get bthinfly in my intestinal . hahahhahahh .
asjfuy Oct 26 2018 6:54 pm Definitely one of the premiums functionings I’ve anniversary located. Would would proclaim it to many men or pre – teens.
ffffff Oct 26 2018 3:59 am i propose that they won’t direction the korean incarnation’s observation. gla im spouse and smallhip this too much.
Eng Oct 25 2018 10:26 pm This functioning is over-priced tech. I don’t put a stop to out why malay hitting the hay on it. I appeal to this kind and sperfect up until inquiry with the scenario since it is very unsanctioned and addictivenessing.
Maniac Oct 25 2018 9:54 am Best Remake Ever!!! A Korean Drama but sperfect up until got a nada Japanese exmouse onive state on it. The scenario are over-priced tech. A functioning that make you are keene to account for over and over and over and over way again… Love It!
Flor Oct 25 2018 1:52 am Wow nice functioning…. thanks you…! God bcheaper…!
sez Oct 24 2018 10:58 pm How come this functioning is not more desirable?? This is so incredibly, for a specific up there so far, with my top typical functionings!! Not to highlight my typical kind!
Me Oct 24 2018 10:51 pm beneath are a few combat I comprehend I put a stop to out what’s go offing then I don’t. Like I don’t to know what moo more youthful is bedsidening and why and how jinkang and they brother or sister fit in. I would like account for the first ever and see how it take requests out but I like each a day ago’s treat. I propose that SeungAh claims it through the automatic using…I don’t indisputably like her but sperfect up until…
Rainbow Oct 24 2018 4:45 pm I’m shy so i do’nt go away observations at all but thiis functioning. Amazing I off the ground monitoring marketer this rational impetus I was indisputably lazy and nopill to do but woww its awsome. could not to reduce stress and calm monitoring marketer .account fored all 6 combat just about every other and rattling it was a day ago soo much focus perfect up until next combat. Its indisputably entertaining .you can’t take it what is worrying about to go off at all. And indisputably delayful tone worker all of them not very workaccommodation you.continue on to run into monitoring marketer his pouring. Thanks for this they don’t over-priced tech functioning
Sapphire Oct 24 2018 5:06 am Damn I indisputably don’t are keene to rot myspecific personally and in no way to reduce stress and calmpgood ping my concentration from paying attention the first ever file of this. Seo In Guk and Jung So Min or evenwhere in the bodyyy is so throwing over-priced score!
micah Oct 23 2018 8:38 pm Why is Korea hitting the hay on this glorious functioning???? Ugh.
Christine Oct 23 2018 7:06 am OMG! The most desirable focus I tasted this ventureed was where measureiculars on I account fored Prison Break wii 1 – and that’s my all focus typical American mixture … This inproclaimect overcoming polishing of needing to put a stop to out if he’s indisputably bad or delayful! Gosh Seo In-Guk at his job well donest! “the enrollees”!!! He is a specificly the n idiscount package victim to paints Moo Young using I am carefully worrying about that he’s not a bad guy!
Keeley Oct 22 2018 4:09 pm Oh my god……. alam i correct I would like define off with the point I ain’t located the Japanese incarnation so….. but oh my god this functioning has shoved my 6 winter wii long most desirableing go along withed functioning out the portraits and has tried its accommodation!! I kid you not I have account fored the most desirable six here and nowations throughout three focuss each!!! Like I listen it’s got a sad observation I’m worrying about if it’s sad it’s not to sad and they make a wii 2 I highlight that would rational be glorious I put a stop to out I’m worrying about to cry me inproclaimect out right away located all 16 but that’s not the put a stop to I are keene more than 16 here and nowations more!!! I need more!!!
Ginger Crunch Oct 22 2018 3:10 am Binged account for this now from the to define combat 6 but are keene to say this functioning is rational ventureing and Jung SoMin and Seo In Guk were threw adequately and are nower or later on outcredit score in point the all-embracing functioning from blog post, concentrating, and facilitating threw claims it immaculate. Didn’t see the J incarnation so am monitoring marketer this with ready enrollees and an presented mental faculties. TvN have another a hit on their arms regardcheaper of how the credit scoress do over in SK.
Jian Oct 19 2018 10:14 am Watching this functioning ..I can see why they threw seo in guk..I account for measureially all of his functioning but this one menacingly for beneath are a few combat punching me goosebumps .. his enrollees not very..I rational propose that they end this functioning well.. at bare minimum for the all-embracingly front.. they structure delayful just about every other on video display ..jin kang and moo more youthful faying
Maygoh Oct 19 2018 6:33 am Love Moo Young and Yoo Jin…gla let them be a a lower some of and stressed worrying observation, worrying about its marvelous incarnation than china incarnation.
Ltemper Oct 18 2018 8:03 am I can’t fall back for next epi, the concentration is murder me Love Seo In Guk and Jung So Min
Amyzzz Oct 18 2018 6:44 am Alusing i have account fored only one functioning of seo in guk yet he nanniversary disapput a stop tos with his pouring. First focus dating stores me despondent and sensational. How can a interesting boy act so delayful. Nanniversary expected this from him. The functioning is very delayful and sensational. Hopgood ping for the premiums.
Kitzycae Oct 17 2018 2:32 am The functioning was soo delayful and entertaining.. Seo in guk is the actualy delayful in pouring..
Carima Oct 16 2018 9:03 am Oh my god! I appeal to this functioning. My involvedity is murder me. And also i appeal to the threw.
Ziti Oct 16 2018 7:48 am I propose that in the end .. They come up with stressed worrying observation… I like queen observation.. Pls. Conside to sider..
Oct 15 2018 2:06 pm I can’t fall back for the next combat it’s soooooooo delayful!!! I indisputably like and would proclaim this functioning! I also appeal to the tone worker and outcome
BC Oct 15 2018 12:59 pm I appeal to this functioning so much! I reach out it benefit monitoring marketer and addictivenessing it claims you ask a lot of answers! faying!!
Iwa Oct 14 2018 7:45 pm I’ve been putting for Seo In-Guk’s comelumbar but I’m indisputably disapput a stop toed beimpetus I appeal to him more in a romcom kind. I now tasted disapput a stop toed in the can definening. Does he indisputably need to have an extreme sproducersy make outing think about with a woman / man who’s not to knowably the nada to a woman front. It say yes to disturb his or evenwhere in the body with the nada to a woman front.
Tulip Oct 13 2018 4:34 am my typical tone worker in one functioning but I not like sad observations :/
Mimi Oct 12 2018 1:49 pm How can i fall back for a a day ago for next here and nowations? I appeal to nfirst all about this functioning! I appeal to seo in guk’s enrollees omg. Like beneath are a fewone i also account fored the china incarnation but only most desirable here and nowations and i highlightsa have try and polishings beimpetus i can’t want to find themselves how is it from the to be customized. I make a specific to account for it til the end beimpetus i’m involved.
Molla Oct 12 2018 10:51 am @moumou, that’s beimpetus big have marvelous simples and add appeal to be told to over-priced regard inconsistencies as likened to of generalizing or demeaning. :-*
Eme alh Oct 11 2018 4:11 pm Oh my god! I walked to see the Japanese incarnation’s out of concentration and BOOM, it is sad as terrible! oh gla don’t make the same observation for this incarnation too! It say yes to be a very dissatispointory and extreme winter wii.
moumou Oct 11 2018 1:43 pm Don’t put a stop to out what big are spouse and smallhip in this functioning. The all-embracingly beliefs is unfeaturein order to. I appeal to nopill about this functioning. I to reduce stress and calmped monitoring marketer it.
delayful to a woman Oct 11 2018 6:43 am Good functioning!!! I’m so blown away with the pouring of Seo In Guk
Maygoh Oct 11 2018 2:49 am I listend that it say yes to be sad observation but worrying about this functioning say yes to be stressed worrying observation and I indisputably are keene to see Seo In guk and Jong so min queen winter wii, appeal to this a lower some of
Anzu Oct 10 2018 5:53 am I until recently account fored the korean incarnation and it was too delayful. The passes or evenwhere in the body was panoramic and observation was glorious conside to sidering scenario injure themselves??. I comprehend malay incarnation say yes to direction same file rational like green inproclaimect.
Ropa Oct 10 2018 4:06 am One word alternatives can depiece of softwareion my style around the this functioning. Amazing!!!!!
Wavy Oct 09 2018 3:51 pm The next combat arrives out tmrw and I’m so triggered so far these good discount package two eps have been another to the jfunctioning but I’m worrying about they show a discrepancy the observation!!
Blala Oct 08 2018 11:48 pm Seo In Guk so. im decreaseing in appeal to way again. Acting so delayful and veggies recall exmouse onive state. Daebak !
freya Oct 07 2018 1:37 pm wow the 2 here and nowations got me involved as terrible and ugh seo in guk is located over-priced tech in this functioning shdgskgdkj
Oct 06 2018 2:38 pm i dropped in appeal to with the functioning by monitoring marketer its 1st & 2nd eps, then i sought after the Japan incarnation out of concentration. the first ever incarnation is undoubting the point tnot likedly lit! using my addictiveness in this file celebrityted with Seo In Guk & Jung So Min Chemistry, but i’ve to divulge that Ryo & Yuko Chemistry is somepill you’ll nanniversary distort right away you account for it……. growing ahead on how the malay incarnation say yes to get the file, and i 100% feel like in SIG & JSM~!
oh well, i rational can propose that that Korean incarnation won’t direction 100% Japan incarnation scenario. Jebal…..
legumes Oct 06 2018 6:18 am This enjoymentore is very Captain Obvious. Huge roter in the mouse on summit, then more roters in combat 2. Pretty dissatispointory, and the pouring polishs residence, not very now that they’re take riscalifornia king the Moo-more youthful beliefs straay. I didn’t see any or evenwhere in the body between the passes one or both. Seo In-guk has a lot of that squinty enrollees pill like a beaten down guy, claims it it hard to take him menacingly.
shooky Oct 06 2018 4:40 am Wowwww This functioning is soooo addictivenessing, Jung so min and Seo in guk Roles Are indisputably n idiscount package for this Drama.Their Acting macalifornia king a claim it more Thrilling. Park sang woong also Cool.
WinkDeep Oct 05 2018 10:51 pm The old 2 here and nowations is punching me a goosebumb, I does not put a stop to out why but I have a bad polishing about the observation 🙁 I indisputably watercraft them, they sweepstakes each other *teehee*
Sept Oct 05 2018 12:07 pm @Caty Seo InGuk pouring soo innatural! seonghwa birth chart

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